Gabriella D

Gabriella came across as a sexual predator, never mind protecting her from sexual harassment from Pilots. Instead it's the Pilots who need protection from her!


Suzie C

Suzie turned up for her training wearing sexy G-string under her uniform, a prime target  to be subjected to sexual harassment by Pilots.


Karol L

Karol oozes great sexual appeal with nice peachy pair of natural boobs and an ASS to die for. It will be a real battle to keep horny Pilots away from her.



A must training for all flight attendants, definately got me well prepared for all those randy pilots!.

Ft. Attendant AJ Price

OMG!! How was he allowed to get away with what he did to us? Can't believe he also has the guts to film it!

Ft. Attendant Susan Ayrle